Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rant, rant, rant

A mother's baby is hers and hers alone. She is not being selfish when she wants to hold her baby and take care of her baby WHENEVER she wants. It's her right. It's HER baby. Everyone else can have the privilege of holding her baby and taking care of her baby, but ONLY if that is what the mother wishes. 
If a mother doesn't want to take advice that is given to her... guess what? She doesn't have to! No one knows her baby better than her. ALL babies are different. Just because you've had one baby or ten babies, does NOT mean you know that mother's baby and everything there is to know about babies. 
So if you are offended or bothered by the way that I think things should be, go right on ahead.
 That's your choice.  


  1. Here is the thing we all like to give advice, but most of us really never take even our own advice, so you can't possibly offend anyone. It really is your baby, and no one has any business telling you how to raise your child, but some sure like to try!
    It is tough with your first and everyone has a bit of insight to offer, here is my suggestion, you listen, say thank you, then do whatever in the world you want.

  2. Haha, I like Laura's comment. I have a hard time biting my toungue and I hate when people do things for apollo that I dont like! Blech!

  3. I have some seriously strong opinions about how I want to raise my children (when I have them) and if anyone tries to step in and give or do something with my little one that I don't want, they're gonna get an ear full! You rock for stating your thoughts so candidly, Sarah! Miss you!