Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life as of late

Well, we have another baby girl. Her name is Addilade. We call her Addi for short. She is beautiful. Her birth was life changing and a thousand times more peaceful than Teagan's was. The reason for this is because it was at home with an amazing midwife. I will never give birth in a hospital again.

I've decided that I need to start writing on here again. I don't have close friends that I share good or bad news with so this is where I'll do that kind of thing.

I'm going to be more honest on here than I have been in the past. Brutally so. If you read this, please don't judge me because of it.

Our little family of four recently moved to Provo Utah. It has been a big, hard change for me. I've never lived in a big city like this. It's fun always being able to find something new to do.
It's hard not knowing anybody though. I don't make friends all that easy so life up here for me has been a little lonely.
Luckily I have two beautiful little girls to keep me laughing.

When I find something more to talk about I'll come back. Ta ta for now.