Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oooh, the last month or so

So a lot has happened since I posted anything. We don't live in Mesa anymore. We decided it just wasn't working anymore. The money wasn't coming in the way we needed it to. So we came home to Utah. We currently live with my mom. That is only going to be short term though. We are going to be moving to St. George as soon as possible because that's were Devin's new job is. He is going to help run a new restaurant called the Patio Grill. So if you live in S. Utah you have to go check it out. ;) 

Before we left Mesa I made sure that we went to the Temple, cause who knows when we'll be back. 

 Devin with Teagan in front of the Temple.
                                         Teagan and I on the side of the Temple.

The Mesa Arizona Temple. It is pretty cool looking.

Another thing we did before we left Arizona is we went the Phoenix Zoo. It was pretty fun, but ridiculously HOT. Oh my goodness it was hot. I was pretty much dying the whole time, but it was still fun and cool to see the animals. 

They had this enclosed area where these monkeys roam free. No Cages. It was really cool to get to see some animals that weren't in a cage. I feel bad when I see animals in cages. 

While we were there we got to see a whole family or Orangutans. There was a dad, mom, baby, and grandma. The baby was 5 years old. And I was lucky  enough to get a picture of him nursing. I though it was a really cool thing to see. I do wish the picture was better though.
                                                                                                                         When we came up to this monkey she came right up to us. She was incredibly interested in Teagan. We thought it was pretty neat. So neat that we had to take a bunch of pictures. This is just one of them. ;)

Here Teagan is with the tiger. She didn't care, but oh well. 

And here we all are after walking through most of the zoo in 100 degree weather. 

Something else that has happened recently is my mom's dog died. He got really sick and had a miserable life, completely blind, and having nose bleeds daily so we made the decision to put him down. It was really hard for all of us, but now he is no longer suffering. 
I made sure to get a pic. of him with Teagan, cause I want her to know about him.

Here is our most recent family picture taken with Devin's new Droid phone. He loves it and he has wanted one for a long time. We were getting ready to go out into the rain so that is why Teagan is all bundled up. She looked sooo cute. I loved it. 

Teagan is doing good. She laughed for the first time the day before yesterday. She is sitting up really good now, but not by herself yet. She loves it when people talk to her. She'll give almost anyone a smile, which I love. I really hope she'll be an outgoing child. I don't want her to be shy like me. Pretty much Teagan is adorable and the love of my life, next to Devin of course. ;)

Also Devin and I now do a paper route. Random job, right?