Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Yesterday was the 4th of July and we had a fantastic time. To start the day off we went out to breakfast at IHOP and it was delicious. I definitely didn't have the most nutritious of things to eat (a funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top), but it sure was good. After breakfast Devin and I came home so I could shower and actually get ready for the day. Then we went and ran a few errands/"rented" a chair and pillow from Wal-Mart. (Gotta love a great return policy) We went down to the Columbia River around 6ish or 7ish, I don't remember the exact time. After we arrived we met up with one of the other couples to set up our stuff then we went exploring about the park, which is HUGE. It was not an easy walk for me and my pregnant body, but it was fun anyways.                                                                 

Some of the things we saw at the park were a Bearded Dragon, which was really cool. He was huge and had beautiful coloring. I still really want one.  We also saw an artifact from the World Trade Centers. It was pretty nifty. I'm still not sure what it was doing clear across the country, but it was still cool to see. Then we saw a little bit of a concert. I don't remember the band's name, but they sounded pretty good.

There were a ton of boats on the river the entire time we were there. Devin and I decided that we need to buy a boat and make WA our 4th of July get away spot every year. It'd be fun, but not likely to happen any time soon.                                            
The boat the on the right is the one they shot all the fireworks off of. 

There we are, just waitin for the fireworks to start. Notice Devin's green shirt? It's one of the ones he got for his birthday and I picked it out. :) I really like it and so does he. 


There's the fireworks. They were pretty sweet. I'm very glad we went. Definitely the best 4th of July I've had. It's also the last 4th of July we will every have with out baby. Kind of a strange though, not gonna lie. 

And here's the belly, with a coke (don't worry, I rarely drink caffeinated beverages) and a glow stick. Baby is just about done baking and ready to come. Excited much? Yes!



  1. Looks like you fabulous 4th! Fireworks are the best =)

  2. How fun! I am glad you had such a great time. I LOVE the picture you you and Devin together. I am really excited that you are getting so close to having your little bundle of joy! HOW FUN!!!

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! It really looks fun there with the water and boats and shooting fireworks off the water! How pretty it must have been!! Our fireworks were great!