Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That's how much I'm dialated, but that doesn't really mean that much. It could still be weeks before she comes or it could happen tonight. Who knows? It is kinda cool to know that my body really is preparing for the delivery though. This whole process is really quite amazing. It's so crazy to think/know that my body has made an entire little human who is healthy (as far as we know) and about ready to come out and meet the world. 
The more I learn about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding the more I'm amazed at what our bodies are capable of.
 I'm also amazed at how little so many women know about childbirth and how often women trust a doctor instead of their own body. 

I'm incredibly excited to meet our baby girl and so is Devin plus tons of other people. 
We get to order her cloth diapers on the 16th or soon there after. I can't wait to try them out.
 She is going to have such a cute bum. 
We have also been so blessed with great friends and family who are willing to help us buy the things that we need for baby. A family that Devin became very close to while out on his mission helped us out by sending us money to buy the cloth diapers plus they bought a few other gifts for baby. That has helped us out a ton. My mom helped us out by buying the car seat and stroller, which are some very important things to have for a baby. Without this help I don't think we'd feel as ready as we do. So we are very grateful. We still don't have a diaper bag, but hopefully we'll have the money for that soon. Other than that we have everything that we absolutely need for baby. Big relief. 

Tonight we are going to have yummy pizza for dinner, cause the office did so well on their sales yesterday. 
Yay for not having to cook dinner!


  1. YAY!! I'm excited to hear your body is starting the whole process. :) What kind of diaper bag do you guys want/need?? I'm glad to hear you guys are getting your diapers. That was always a huge relief for us.

  2. Weeeell, the diaper bag I want is a little expensive... actually a lot expensive. It's sooo cute though. So I'm just waiting patiently till we can afford it. Here is the link to it:

  3. Very exciting. I am impresses with all of your preparations and research. You are going to be fabulous. I loved my recoveries after natural childbirth vs epidural. Can't wait to see pictures. Feel free to call me if you ever want to chat. Good luck.