Thursday, June 23, 2011


Is not my thing lately. Unfortunately I wasn't warned that I would pretty much fail at cooking anything new. I've never had this bad of luck in the kitchen. 
I was trying to bake a nice cake with cream cheese frosting for Devin's birthday (since cream cheese frosting is his favorite), but the cake is not turning out. 
So we're going out for his birthday dinner. End of story. I'm too pregnant to be doing this. 

He really liked his present though. It makes me happy. 


  1. It is so easy to get frustrated when you are in the 3rd trimester especially because it is so uncomfortable and you never really get enough rest because your body is working so hard. Hang in there! You are almost done!!

  2. Hey just got your question about cloth! Apollo was probably 2 weeks when they would have fit him but we waited 'til three weeks because of his circumcision at two weeks. Also, I think it's great you are doing it natural! I don't thin it will be something I will ever attempt. :) You go girl!!