Friday, February 25, 2011

Life on 2/25/11

So it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. I'm not the greatest blogger, plus I feel like our life is very boring and there just isn't much to talk about. 
We have less than 2 months till we move to WA. I'm really excited, but I'm also a little bit nervous. I'm really nervous that I won't get approved by Medicaid up there and if I don't then we are in big trouble. I'm a little nervous to be having a baby up there too. Maybe if I'd of had one before it wouldn't be quite so scary and intimidating. 
Devin is good. He just does the same thing every day. Gets up, goes to work, comes home for lunch, goes back to work, then comes home for the evening. I know he isn't loving this job, but he is doing it anyways... for me, for us. I love him lots for all that he does. 
We have our 20 week checkup/ultrasound in a little over a week. I'm excited to get to see our little girl again. Since I still don't look very pregnant it's really easy to forget that I am. I really do hope that I start to look pregnant soon though. I'm tired of just looking like I'm gaining weight. 
Devin and I are going on a date tonight. I'm pretty excited about that. It's just dinner and a movie, but it's still pretty awesome and exciting. 

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  1. You are doing so good and I am so excited for you guys to be going up to WA also. I think it will be a very good thing for all of you! We will miss you guys also, but will come up if you want as we have some good friends up their and would like to see them also!

    It was great to get to get to see the baby on the last visit to the doctor!!! Thanks for inviting us to to.

    You guys are funny to watch because you are so protective as we were as it is your 1st baby and so we get it.

    We want the very best for you and hope that your dreams will come true for you!!
    Mom and Dad Lundgreen